Other academic courses

Undergraduate courses

INCT offers undergraduate courses offered as optional (optativos) to several UDA undergraduate programs and faculties. Following is a list of courses offered over the years:

Semestre Nombre del curso Profesor INCT Dirigido a las siguientes facultades: Pre-requisitos
2022-A La astronomía y su historia Iván Lacerna Copiapó Ninguno
2022-A Minería de recursos extraterrestres Giovanni Leone Ingeniería Cáculo, Inglés
2021-B La astronomía y su historia Iván Lacerna Copiapó Ninguno
2021-B Introducción a la Astronomía Katherine Vieira Todas Ninguno
2021-A Minería de recursos extraterrestres Giovanni Leone Ingeniería Cálculo, Inglés
2021-A Astronomía Mauro Barbieri Todas Ninguno
2020-B Introducción a la astronomía Katherine Vieira Cs. de la Salud y Medicina Ninguno
2020-B La astronomía y su historia Iván Lacerna Tecnológica Ninguno


Courses in other Universities

INCT offers especialized graduate courses to other universities in Chile, with which our faculty have research collaborations.

Semester Course name INCT Faculty University Program
2020 March-August Tópicos avanzados en astroquímica José Gregorio Fernández-Trincado Universidad de Antofagasta Magister en Astronomía

Other academic activities

Online seminars

In 2020, under the COVID19 pandemic conditions, the INCT Galactic Dynamics Group chaired by Dr. José Gregorio fernández Trincado organized a season of online scientific seminars, listed below. 

# Speaker Talk title Date Affiliation
1 Dr. Richard Reade Lane Firing The Cannon at The Monoceros Ring 26-05-2020 Universidad de Atacama/Chile
2 Dr. Javier Alonso Garcia Unveiling the innermost regions of the Milky Way: A VVV View of the Galactic Bulge 04-06-2020 Universidad de Antofagasta/Chile
3 Dr. Leo Chaves Velasquez Stellar Orbital Dynamics of Disk Galaxies: Bars and Spiral Arms 11-06-2020 Universidad de Nariño/Colombia
4 Dr. Bruno Dias The VISCACHA survey – deep and resolved photometry of star clusters in the Magellanics Clouds 18-06-2020 Universidad Andrés Bello/Chile
5 PhD student. Richa Kundu Extra-tidal stars of Galactic Globular clusters in the Gaia era 02-07-2020 University of Delhi/India
6 Dr. Dante Minniti Bulge Globular Clusters in the VVVX Survey 09-07-2020 Universidad Andrés Bello/Chile
7 Dr. Camila Navarrete Revealing Magellanic stars in the Milky Way halo 17-07-2020 ESO fellow/Chile
8 Dr. Patricia B. Tissera How to build a Milky Way halo analog? 23-07-2020 Universidad Andrés Bello/Chile
9 Dr. Arvind Singh Rajpurohit The Fundamental Parameters of Very Low Mass Stars 30-07-2020 Physical Research Laboratory of India/India
10 Dr. Doug Geisler Adventures with Bulge Globular Clusters 06-08-2020 Universidad de La Serena/Chile
11 Dr. Baitian Tang Tracing Milky Way and globular cluster evolution with chemistry 13-08-2020 Sun Yat-sen University/China
12 Dr. Kathy Vivas The giant diffuse satellite galaxy Crater II 20-08-2020 Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory/Chile
13 Dr. Thomas Masseron Discovery of Phosphorus-rich stars 25-08-2020  Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias/Spain
14 Dr. Ricardo Demarco The Co-Evolution of Galaxies and Environment within the last 10 Gyr 01-09-2020 Universidad de Concepción/Chile
15 Dr. Bernard H. Foing MoonMars science, exploration and analogue simulations, 03-09-2020 European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESA ESTEC)
16 Dr. Katherine Vieira Red Be stars in the Magellanic Clouds 10-09-2020 Universidad de Atacama/Chile
17 Dr. Nicola Astudillo Defru Precise masses of M dwarf planets 22-09-2020 Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción/Chile
18 Dr. Richard Reade Lane APOGEE: What is was, what it is and what is will become 24-09-2020 Universidad de Atacama/Chile
19 Dr. Mercè Romero-Gómez Invariant Manifolds & Spiral Structures 29-09-2020 Universitat de Barcelona/Barcelona
20 Dr. Omar López-Cruz Secondary infall in the Seyfert’s Sextet: A plaussible way out from the short crossing time paradox 01-10-2020 Instituto Nacional de Astrofí­sica, Óptica y Electrónica/México
21 Dr. Jos de Bruijne Overview of the Gaia Mission 06-10-2020 European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC)
22 Dr. Millarca Valenzuela The emergence of Meteoritics in Chile: past, present and future 14-10-2020 Universidad Católica del Norte/Chile
23 Dr. Claudio Mendoza X-Ray Astronomy of the Eve of XRISM 15-10-2020 Western Michigan University/USA
24 Dr. Jesús Hernández Alarcón Activity and Rotation of Young Stellar Objects in the Orion Star forming Complex (OSFC) 22-10-2020 Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México/México
25 Dr. Octavio Valenzuela Dynamical Friction: How galaxies merge? 27-10-2020 Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México/México
26 Dr. Jennifer Johnson Outstanding Questions in the Origin of the Elements 29-10-2020 The Ohio State University/USA
27 PhD student Anna Queiroz The Milky Way’s bar and bulge revealed by APOGEE and Gaia DR2 30-10-2020 Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam/Germany
28 Dr. Efrain Gatuzz X-raying the ISM 03-11-2020 Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics/Germany
29 Dr. Gustavo Bruzual Recent developments in population synthesis modelling 10-11-2020 Instituto de Radioastronomí­a y Astrofí­sica (IRyA)/México
30 Dr. Benoit Famaey The dark matter conundum in galaxies 12-11-2020 Obsevatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg/France
31 Dr. Sten Hasselquist APOGEE Chemical Abundance Patterns of Massive Milky Way Satellites 17-11-2020 The University of UTAH/USA
32 Dr. Annie C. Robin Status and on-going developments of the Besançon Galaxy model in the context of large scale surveys 19-11-2020 Observatoire de Besançon/France
33 Dr. Laia Casamiquela The chemical evolution of the Milky Way and the chemical clocks 26-11-2020 Université de Bordeaux/France
34 Dr. Françoise Combes Active Galactic Nuclei: fueling and feedback 03-12-2020 Observatoire de Paris/France
35 Dr. Anthony Brown Gaia: Early Data Release3, mission status and science highlights from the second data release 08-12-2020 University of Leiden/Holand